Senior Market Lead Prospecting Strategies

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Senior Market Prospecting Replay


Join Don Runge, the Lead Guru, to drill down in plain English, a true senior marketing process. Don will explain step-by-step how to develop an approach that will allow you to maximize your lead appointment results.


Don will review the following:

  • The “Turning 65” mindset
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Key marketing aids
  • Sample appointment approaches
  • Neutralizing spontaneous responses

Develop a marketing type of mindset when working with the senior market!

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About Don Runge:

Don Runge, CLU, is President of DMR Marketing and has over 40 years’ experience as an agent, manager and President of two multi-million-dollar insurance marketing organizations. Don is the author of The Approach, Don Runge Live, The Advanced Approach, and coming soon, Jump Start Your Career. His last 25 years have been spent consulting with over 60 different insurance companies and marketing organizations.