Short-Term Care Insurance Marketing Tools Available for Agents

Licensed insurance agents looking to market the benefits of short-term care insurance may have some new marketing tools available for their use.

Created and offered by the National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Insurance (, the series of tools can be personalized with agent information including a photograph.

Few consumers have ever heard of short-term care insurance or think of it as interim health care coverage they may need when switching from one employer plan to another. We define short-term care insurance as an option for those looking to address the risk of a care need.

The Center tools are available free of charge to insurance agents appointed under the organization’s hierarchy. Agents appointed under other general agency hierarchies can request personalized versions for a nominal cost designed to cover costs for personalization.

Each of the Advisories addresses different messaging.   For example, one highlights the fact that some short-term care insurance policies will accept applicants up to age 89. This is an important message to share because research undertaken by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance has demonstrated that a significant number of individuals who want to undertake long-term care planning have waited too long and, as a result, are too old to obtain traditional long-term care insurance coverage.

The Center works to heighten awareness among consumers for the viability of short-term care insurance solutions and appoints agents interested in marketing these products offered by several leading insurers.

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