Social Security Marketing Tool for Those in or Near Retirement

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Tax Free Retirement Recorded


Join Steve Savant as he interviews the #1 authority on Social Security, Brian Doherty, and learn about a Social Security marketing tool for those in or near retirement!

Brian is a popular platform speaker and author of the best-selling consumer book, “Getting Paid to Wait.” Steve is a syndicated financial columnist and talk show host of “Steve Savant’s Money, the Name of the Game” for consumers and “Let’s Get Down to Business” for financial professionals.

Here are some of the talking points of the interview:

  • Restrictive Application could generate thousands of extra dollars beyond their traditional benefits.
  • The vast majority of Social Security statements are wrong and actually have greater benefits than published.
  • Spousal benefits for divorced women is the #1 marketing inroads to marketing to women.

This web class could have a direct effect on your online marketing to seniors!

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