The 5 C’s for Filling Your Business Pipeline

Life is a progression of events, experience, and expectations. One effective way to ensure that you are making progress is to keep your pipeline filled and flowing. I want to share my five C’s strategy to ensure that will be your reality.


The key to connect with people is to share similar interest with them.

I want to be able to tell my prospect, “Wow I thought I was the only one who felt that way.” The result from that exchange is instant rapport. Think of a time in your business life when you click with someone immediately. The reason was that an affinity existed between you and your prospect. Commonalities include similar hobbies, interests, school and college affiliations, past and future employment and a host of other connectors. When you review the thousands of commonalities that you share with your future clients there is no reason that you cannot continually flood your pipeline.

Civic Duty:

We are all blessed to live in a Democratic country with the opportunity to work in the free enterprise system of Capitalism.

Volunteer your time, talent, and tenacity to make our country even better.

When you are working aside like minded people in an environment of sharing and caring for others you open up doors for future business.


When you consciously go over and beyond the call of duty then that action will retain residual value. The saying that I grew up on was that

There is never a traffic jam on the extra mile.

When you honor your word and take care of others in an unselfish altruistic manner you have gone a long way in paving the road to prosperity. The behavior has future value that will allow you to tap into other areas for business.


Many professionals have forgotten the lost art of communication for

far too many salesman are involved in monologues and not dialogues with their prospects.

The key to filling the pipeline is to allocate your day with people that you are sincerely interested in assisting, listening intently to not only their words but the meaning behind their words. Effective communicators are always engaging people with their unbridled optimism.


When you stop for a moment and reflect you will find that you have many points of connection. A point of connection is someone that you have in your memory bank or Rolodex that connects you to an organization, mission, or a group of like-minded people. My own connections include friends, fraternity brothers, association members, ex-employees, clients, prospects, insurance brokers, investment advisers, church members, Pachyderm club members, civic club members and most importantly LinkedIn connections.

Each and every connection has the potential to yield an abundant harvest for your business.  

Next time you think about your pipeline reflect on the five C’s that will provide clarity to your prospecting methodology.

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