The Best Way to Email a Video

The best way to send out one of your videos to someone in a personal email message, is to first embed that video in page on your website. Then, type the page address directly into your email message, and send it out. The address will display as blue hypertext in the recipient’s inbox, so all they need to do is click on it, and they will immediately be taken to that page on your website to watch the video. This gives you much more control over your email delivery and tracking!

What’s more, this has several other advantages:

  1. The link you use is branded to you and your website – it is not a YouTube server address.
  2. You can customize the page anyway you want – including an offer for additional information, a free report, or a price quote.
  3. Once the viewer is on your web page, they are also on your website, where they can access all the other information available there – including other videos, your blog, your agency information, and links to all your social media postings!

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About the Author: Dan Viñal is the Executive Director for WebPrez insurance and annuity sales presentation videos. He periodically writes on the practical application of scientifically proven communication techniques (such as rhetorical psychology, neurolinguistics, and subliminal resonance), including best practices for using video to increase sales, as well as specific video topics, problems and solutions for financial security professionals.