The Difference Between a 10 Million Dollar Annuity Producer and a 2 Million Dollar Annuity Producer

I speak with countless advisors on a daily basis and the surface problem is often the same.  “I need to get in front of more qualified prospects.”

Other wholesalers might ask you, “Are you conducting workshops?  Do you have a system for getting referrals?  Are you sending drip emails?  Do you have a brand?”

If the answer to all of these questions is “YES”, it might appear as though you have all of the bases covered and the conversation is over.  Is that really the case?   The differences between an advisor consistently selling $10 million a year in annuities or $2 million a year, are actually a lot smaller than you may realize.

For example; let’s take two advisors who are both conducting workshops/seminars.  The first advisor, our $10 million a year producer, books at least 15 appointments out of the 30 folks who attended his workshop.   The second advisor might only book 5 or 6 out of the same 30.  Why is there a variation between the two?

Based on my experience with the top advisors I work with, it’s always about their process.  It’s everything from what the attendees see when they walk into the workshop, to how they’re greeted, to what they’re handed before they sit down, to what they hear during the workshop, all the way to how the appointment setting is handled after the workshop.

Our first advisor captures emails, phone numbers, addresses, and has a CRM system that sends out a regimented series of branded emails with specific calls to action. The second advisor may collects some emails, but then sends out an “informative” newsletter sporadically.

Our first advisor hands his attendees a professionally branded corporate identity kit, which includes client testimonials, a professionally written biography, information on the services he provides, and other pieces that create credibility and trust.  The second advisor hands out business cards and an old kit from 10 years ago.

If you are conducting workshops, sending email campaigns, and have a website, that’s great. But ask yourself “is your process as good as it could be?” It’s the little things that can take your business to the next level.  If you’ve ever wondered how the other person is so successful in what they are doing, it’s probably his or her process. Not sure what you’re process should include? Download our business tool “15 Marketing Questions Financial Advisors Need To Know About Their Business.”

I doubt that sounds any different than what you’re hearing from your current wholesaler, but if it does, would it make sense to spend a few minutes on the phone talking about your process? 781.919.2325 or