The New Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts Could Lead to a New Wave of Life Settlement Policy Sales!

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Learn how this act simplified the tax calculation rules for policy sellers.

For the past several years, many seniors have been hesitant to sell their life insurance policies because of a confusing revenue ruling in 2009 from the IRS.

This rule required policy holders to deduct the “Cost of Insurance” charges from their policy in order to determine an accurate tax basis.

Unfortunately, since it’s very difficult to obtain that precise data, many seniors simply concluded it was too much of a hassle and the tax consequences would be too great to go forward with selling their policy. Instead, they simply surrendered their policies and walked away from an asset of potentially greater value to them.

After several years of effort from our association, LISA (Life Insurance Settlement Association), and other concerned parties who sought to fix this outdated revenue ruling with permanent legislation, the new tax law includes just such a solution.

The law reverses the effects of that 2009 IRS revenue ruling and eliminates the need for taxpayers to obtain Cost of Insurance charges on their policies if they have opted for a life settlement. This common sense reform takes away an obstacle that stood in the way of many seniors who wished to sell their life insurance policies.

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