The Power of Yes and No

Recently, I started noticing my own reaction to the words “Yes” and “No”.

For instance, when I received an email message that started with the word “Yes”, I immediately felt good, almost like a little happiness was injected into my day.

Conversely, I noticed that when an email message started with the word “No”, I immediately felt a little mad. Even if they were just answering a question I asked and the answer happened to be no. That word just isn’t fun to hear. Especially in email, when you can’t hear the tone of voice.

So I started purposely avoiding the word “no” in my email communication. Even if my answer was no, I would find other ways to say it besides starting an email message with the word “no.”

And I looked for every opportunity to start emails with the word, “Yes.” Or a substitute, like “Good question” or “Good point.”

Now that you’ve been exposed to this idea, I’d like you to monitor your own reactions to hearing “Yes” or ‘No,” especially in email communications. Then let me know if I’m just crazy, or if everyone likes to hear “Yes” more than “No.”

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