The Two Best Ways to Use Insurance Solution Videos

The most common question we get here at WebPrez is “what’s the best way to use these videos” . . . meaning, what’s the best way to get results with these videos.  Well, according to the agents and advisors who use our videos, the best results are usually gotten with either a phone call or an email message.

1: Phone Call Video Presentation

Call your prospect* and say:  “I have a short 3 minute video I’d like to get your opinion on.  Do you have a few minutes right now to watch it with me on the internet?”

Then tell them to type your video URL into the web address bar on their device (desktop, laptop, or tablet).  Stay on the phone with them while they watch and listen to the videos. When the video ends, simply ask them if the problem described in the video concerns them.

For example:  After your prospect watches the “Indexed Annuity” video, you would say “Does the possibility of outliving your retirement savings or the risk of stock market losses concern you?”

IMPORTANT:  if your prospect cannot watch the video at the time of your call, ask them when it would be more convenient to call back at a time when you can both watch the video together.

2: Email Message Video Presentation

Email your prospect* a personal message exactly like this one:

Hi (first name).  Would you mind giving me your opinion on this short 3-minute video? And after you watch it, would you please call me or simply submit the form at the end to let me know what you think of it?

Most people will submit the email notice instead of calling you.  But either way, your follow up is to simply ask them if the problem described in the video concerns them.

For example:  After your prospect watches the “Taxes, Risk & Fees” video, you would say “Does the cost of income taxes, market risk, and investment fees concern you?”

IMPORTANT:  if you do not receive either a phone call or an email notice from this prospect within 24 hours, send a second email message as a reminder to watch the video and give you an opinion.

Why it Works

Three reasons:  1) You are only asking someone to watch a video and give you an opinion.  People like to watch short videos, and they like to give their opinions.

2)  You are focusing their attention for 3 to 5 minutes on a financial problem they might not know they have.  This is how you “break through” to get both their attention and their interest.

3)  You are not invading their physical space with your physical presence.  This makes it easier for most people to open up to you and not be as defensive as they might be face to face.

IMPORTANT:  If you are meeting with a client or prospect face to face, you should also use video in this same way.  Simply show them a video on your own laptop or tablet, and then ask them if the problem depicted is of concern to them. This allows you to use the video as an objective third party.

* A prospect is NOT someone you don’t know or someone who does not know you.  A prospect is someone who knows you, and someone who has the problem described in the video.

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About the Author: Dan Viñal is the Executive Director for WebPrez insurance and annuity sales presentation videos. He periodically writes on the practical application of scientifically proven communication techniques (such as rhetorical psychology, neurolinguistics, and subliminal resonance), including best practices for using video to increase sales, as well as specific video topics, problems and solutions for financial security professionals.