Transitional Talking Skills: Taking Conversations to Appointments

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Talking Skills


Many advisors are tongue tied when they’re in a social situation and accidentally find themselves talking to a prospect. Now remember, this person is only a prospect in YOUR MIND.  So how do you maintain proper social skills but also manage the conversation?

Join Gail Goodman for an overview of how to understand these tricky transitions and share very specific language you can start practicing right away.

The goal of these conversations is to find out more about the person you’re talking to and get them interested in a second one-on-one meeting. It would NOT be a fact finding appointment! This interpersonal skill is super important as we prospect in an increasingly digital world. You must get better at face-to-face interactions and engaging people in conversations.

You’ll learn some key behaviors that will make you more confident at parties, networking events, and other social gatherings. And, you may end up meeting a wonderful new potential client.

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