Two Ears, One Mouth

Before you say to yourself, “I’ve heard this one a thousand times,” read further. As seasoned producers, we know listening to our clients is crucial to cementing the sale. Many of us have talked ourselves out of the sale during the earlier stages of our career. The client is ready to buy, and we just keep on talking.

OK, we learned our lesson and developed our listening skills over the years. But, have we thought about what we hear? One mouth may provide only one chance to get it right, after listening with two ears. Understanding how to respond to what we hear is equally important as our listening skills.

Social styles are defined in many different ways, but it basically comes down to assessing a person’s style in one of four quadrants. Are they an analytical, an amiable, an expressive, or a driver. Our assessment of their style will determine how we respond to them. Two ears, but one mouth, and one chance to get it right! Understanding social styles can make the difference between closing the sale or being sent along your way!

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