Ultimate Social Selling: How to Speed Up Sales Right Now!

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Social Selling


Wondering how ​social selling really work​s and how it can work for you​?​​

In 2018, 70% of sales professionals plan to invest more time on social selling. Why is that?

According to LinkedIn, top social selling leaders ​realize these benefits:

  • 45% more opportunities
  • 51% more likely to achieve goals
  • 78% outsell peers who don’t use social media

Join Barbara Rozgonyi as she breezes through the ultimate social selling strategy you can use to refine your sales process to work smarter, better, and faster at closing sales and building relationships.

You will learn:

  1. Two essential elements your competitors don’t know about…yet.
  2. How to assess your social selling skills and find out where you can improve; great for team leaders who need new ways to motivate performance.
  3. Top sites to stand out as a sought out thought leader in your industry and your own backyard.
  4. When to turn on the power of 4D customer experiences, it’s easier than you think!
  5. How to design a content strategy that’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5.

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