InsuranceWebX Exclusive Recorded Web Classes

Sell From a Tax Return by Identifying Sales Opportunities Line-by-Line on Every 1040

Join Paul Dyer and learn how to “See the Sale” when you’re looking at a tax return! You’ll also learn how to convert tax clients into other sale opportunities and earn additional income. Watch now!



Secrets to Finding Lucrative Niches & Attracting Wealthy Clients

One ideal high net worth client is worth more than a dozen ordinary clients. Join Stan Mann for his workshop where he will reveal how to get you in front of ideal high net worth prospects, motivate high net worth prospects to want to talk to you, and much more! Watch now!


The Secrets to Attracting & Retaining Your Share of the 20 Trillion Dollar Affluent Women & Couples Market

Annette Bau will teach you what you must do to attract and retain affluent women and couples so you can keep them for life, and generate a steady stream of referrals in this valuable niche market. You’ll learn which affluent women’s group you will have the most success, the different types of women and how to approach them, and much more! Watch now!


Learn How a $230 Million Producer Closes 60% of Prospects at the First Appointment

Join Ryan Wheless and find out how to put it all together, from the sales process to the products! You’ll learn a simple, easy-to-follow formula to easily close business quickly, and how you can convert your annuity clients to AUM sales in under 30 minutes. Watch now!


A Product That Allows You to Get Paid to Prospect & Create Unlimited Referrals

Join Karl Schilling and learn about a software that will identify discretionary income for your clients and prospects and open the door to more sales! Create an endless referral chain that grows exponentially. Watch Now!




20+ New Quality Referral Sources That Help Agents Find Prospects Where Nobody is Looking

Mentor and Legacy Stories Co-Founder Tom Cormier will reveal a brand new referral strategy that takes advantage of a massive emerging Baby Boomer legacy trend. If you want to increase high quality referrals that come recommended by respected authorities, you need to watch this! Watch now!




The Work Habits of the Most Successful and Trusted Financial Advisors

Bill Bachrach will dive deep into the specifics of the activities that drive success and those that create predictable failure. It’s not personality, luck, or genetic predispositions that determine your success or failure as a Financial Advisor – it’s consistently doing certain things in a certain way that produces certain results. Watch now!


Foundation Realities: Agnosticism in Financial Planning

Curtis Cloke will show you the simplified process that focuses on creating the optimal solution for each client with complete product and strategy agnosticism. Enhance your clients retirement optimal output without any allegiance to specific products, companies or strategies. Watch now!


Life Insurance, Annuities & the Roth Conversion

David F. Royer will discuss how to use Life Insurance to pay the tax on a Roth Conversion and how to use Annuities to do a Partial Roth Conversion with no out-of-pocket conversion tax. Watch now!



Tax-Free Retirement Income Strategies

Join Steve Savant and learn the real story behind tax-free retirement strategies that will revolutionize your understanding of cash value life insurance and it’s correlation to retirement planning. Remember, “If designed correctly, it’s almost undefeatable. If designed incorrectly, it’s always indefensible.” Watch now!




Spend 72% Less Using Marketing Strategies Advisors Utilized to Fill Their Seminars!

Join Brandon Stuerke and discover the 3 keys to the perfect Facebook marketing campaign! You’ll learn how to utilize tracking and optimization to double, or even triple, the number of leads you generate. With the help of these cost-effective tips, you’ll be able to dominate your market. Watch now!




Strategies to Increase Your Productivity and Your Income!

Join Anne Bachrach, the Accountability Coach, and learn to consistently focus on your highest payoff activities that put you in the highest probability position to achieve your goals, all within the time frame you desire. Watch now!



Critical Steps in Formatting a Successful Blueprint for Your Clients’ Financial Independence

Join James Rankin and develop an income planning service for your practice! You’ll discover a cutting edge program that will enhance your effectiveness with your clients and prospects. You will receive a proven process to make multi-product sales, creating a referral based financial practice and increasing your revenue. Watch now!


Dramatically Increase Your Income, Profitability, and Client Retention with a Unique Prospecting Platform

Join Karl Schilling of the Advocacy Network and learn three key elements to obtaining a 7-figure practice. This platform gives you total autonomy and independence, which is what everyone wants, isn’t it? Watch now!


Creating Powerful Messaging to Attract More Clients

Join Maribeth Kuzmeski, PhD, President of Red Zone Marketing, as she shares critical strategies for creating and using powerful messaging to attract more clients. It is proven that when you use better messaging for everything from your value/fee discussion, client appreciation invitations, scripts for asking for referrals, discussions with potential strategic alliances, and more – that it changes everything! Watch now!



Step-by-Step LinkedIn and Cold Email Marketing Strategy Techniques that Generate 1 Meeting a day with Professional, Affluent Clients

Join Jeremiah Desmarais and implement a step-by-step prospecting system in less than 1 hour a day, leading you to higher sales and more clients! Watch now!



Senior Market Lead Prospecting Strategies

Join Don Runge, the Lead Guru, to drill down in plain English, a true senior marketing process. Don will explain step-by-step how to develop an approach that will allow you to maximize your lead appointment results! Watch now!



A Simple Retirement Solution That All Agents and Advisors Need to Know!

Join Tom Hegna as he explains the math and science behind a very simple retirement solution. He found the optimal way to retire, and he is willing to share it so you can utilize the proven facts and feel safe when speaking with your prospects and client’s about retirement. Watch now!



3 Steps to Double Your Insurance Sales!

With the help of Annette Bau, CFP ® practitioner, you’ll learn the strategies used to help advisors and agents increase their revenue up to 775%, referrals up to 1025%, and new assets up to $80 million! She’ll teach you how to generate prospects and fill your funnel so you can close more clients and generate more revenue. Watch now!


The Taxing of Social Security – Can You Help Your Clients Save?

Are you making all the money you want or need? Can your clients’ Social Security be taxed? Do you have to be a tax expert, accountant to learn this issue that will affect many of your clients, anyway? NO! Join Lloyd Lofton to learn questions that uncover “hidden” savings and premium dollars with your clients. Watch now!



Generate 25 Leads a Month Forever with These Proven Prospecting Tips!

Join Paul Dyer and learn 20 proven prospecting tips that could result in 100% increase in your profits! He will discuss creating a Marketing Process that runs without you, how to re-purpose leads, data mining, and so much more. Watch now!




A “Healthy” Approach to Life Insurance – Turning the Uninsurable into the Insurable

Join mentor and health expert, Ramona Fasula, as she discusses innovative ways to bridge the gap between the insurance industry and the health industry. She has come up with extremely innovative ways for financial advisors to maximize their sales production, while strengthening their client relationships. Watch now!


A Proven Questioning Technique that will Help You Set Appointments with 9 out of 10 People You Speak With

In the insurance business, you live and die by appointments. If you don’t have appointments, you can’t make sales. With no sales, you’re out of the business. Join mentor, Jeremy Nason, as he shares the proven questioning techniques that he has used for 20+ years to set appointments with almost everyone he meets. Watch now!



The Very Viable Long-Term Care Option that will Help You Land More Prospects and Close More Sales!

Cost, age, or health issues keep the vast majority of Americans aged 50 and up from buying long-term care insurance. That’s why you want to discover a very viable (but little known) option that will help you land more prospects and close more sales! Join Jesse Slome as he opens your eyes to a very viable option commonly referred to as short-term care insurance. Watch now!



Convert IRA Rollover Prospects into Clients with 3 NEW Power Techniques

David F. Royer, Master IRA Rollover Trainer, as he discusses three new techniques you need to develop in order to convert your IRA Rollover prospects into clients! He’ll show you why your clients should roll their 401k, 403b, and TSP plans to an IRA when they retire or turn age 59 ½, and how a book can drive prospects back to you for a second opinion. Watch now!




Learn the Sales Secrets of Top Direct Marketers that will Produce Hundreds of New Policies for You this Year!

Join Todd Ewing, as he shares insider information, insights and D2C tradecraft from the top Direct Marketing agencies that sell millions every month over the phone and web! Revealing industry Best Practices, Todd will share the leading techniques and tactics deployed by the most successful agencies that you can immediately incorporate to grow your business. Watch now!




How The Emerging Legacy Trend Can Start New Conversations and Generate More Business

Legacy Stories co-founder, Tom Cormier, will reveal some extraordinary data about an emerging trend that is about to change the landscape of the financial services industry for generations! With this knowledge, you can ride the Baby Boomer Legacy Wave ahead of your competition and obtain your share of this massive and lucrative demographic. Watch now!




Discover How to Submit 11 Applications in 1 Day

Jim Chilton, founder of SOFA, will discuss how advisors can develop lasting relationships with decision makers at companies and organizations by utilizing SOFA’s proven prospecting system. You’ll be able to differentiate yourself as a financial professional in your communities, as well as create centers of influence that competitors only dream of achieving!  Watch now!


Increase Fixed and Indexed Annuity Sales Using Neuro Linguistic Videos

Dan Viñal, considered an authority on the practical application of “Psycho Linguistic” communication techniques for insurance sales professionals, will discuss how to use video to increase annuity sales! You’ll learn how psycho linguistic videos help people really understand annuities, make decisions, avoid procrastination, and overcome buyer’s remorse, and how they are already helping other top producers to add at least 2 or 3 more annuity sales every month. Watch now!



Create Unlimited Referrals without Asking

Is it possible to build a thriving referral-based business without asking for referrals or personal introductions? You bet it is, and Hall of Fame Coach, Bill Cates, will show you how! He has helped thousands of professionals, salespeople and small business owners grow their business with word-of-mouth, referrals, personal introductions and other relationship marketing strategies. Watch now!


Learn 4 Things Seniors are Concerned About and How to Eliminate Objections

Lloyd Lofton will show you a fresh look at the senior market, an engaging conversation to have with seniors, and an insight to “Predictable Buying Behaviors” that will elevate your business to that 7-figure income you have always been told you could have but have struggled to achieve! This web class will help you move away from the salesperson “script” and start to help you produce results.  Watch now!



4 Power Techniques – Convert IRA Rollover Prospects into Clients!

David F. Royer will show you how the “Separate Account Rule” can double your clients the income from their IRAs and 401k plans, why the market could not out perform a 3% fixed account, and much more! Help your prospects understand why getting a second opinion from you can save them thousands. Watch now!


How 3 Advisors used Facebook to Generate 598 Leads and 91 Seminar Registrations in 60 Days… While Cutting Their Marketing Cost By 67%!

Find out how they did it! Brandon Stuerke will walk agents through 3 different case studies. He will share the EXACT ads, landing pages, images, and copy they used to generate their results. Watch now!



 image003-1Ways to Master Client Acquisition in the New “DOL Rule” World!

Use the DOL Fiduciary Rule to your advantage to differentiate yourself from other advisors, get hired quicker, and grow your business more than ever! Bill Bachrach will teach you how to  inspire your clients to do all of their business with you and generate more referrals. You’ll even gain an improved quality of life doing what you love and getting the results you’ve been searching for! Watch now!



image003-3Retirement Alpha: How Mortality Credits Improve Retirement Outcomes

Tom Hegna informs agents and advisors how the insurance industry is uniquely situated to solve the Boomer Retirement Crisis. In this low interest rate environment, CD’s and bonds are not going to give the “alpha” what’s necessary to provide adequate income to retirement. What are they to do? Utilize Retirement Alpha by having life insurance and guaranteed lifetime income from a life insurance company! Watch Now!


image002How to Get One Meeting a Day for the Rest of Your Career

Jeremiah Desmarais reveals the appointment setting strategy that is working for advisors now, which is based on 14,000 appointments booked and 800,000 connections made via LinkedIn. Learn how to turn LinkedIn into a lead generation machine! Watch now!



image003-4The One Topic That Will Fill Your Seminars!

Is your seminar attendance not as high as you would like? Karl Schilling will review the one topic you need to start discussing that will guarantee full attendance at your seminars! You’ll discover how to leverage this issue to open the door to meet with more prospects, the tools and marketing material to educate your audience that will build you a 7-figure practice, and much more! Watch now!


bootcampLearn to Sell from a Tax Return & Convert Tax Clients to Sales Opportunities!

Paul Dyer teaches you how to identify sales opportunities like NIIT, Schedule A phase-out, Medicare surtax, and many others found on a 1040. Attend his Tax What-If Bootcamp and learn to sell from a tax return! You need to learn these skills immediately unless your closing ratio is already 100%, you always hear “yes,” or you’re making too much income in your practice. Watch now!




image003-2Hall Of Fame Coach, Bill Cates, Teaches Agents How to Communicate Their Value Proposition at Social Events to Generate Results!

Sometimes it can be hard to communicate the value of what you have to offer. With the help of Bill Cates, you’ll learn compelling value propositions you’ll be able to use to communicate your value at social events and get maximized results! He’ll show you 2 proven methods to determine your full value, plus 6 critical elements for a compelling value proposition. Watch now!


image002-53 Key Factors That Convert IRA Rollover Prospects into Clients!

David F. Royer will discuss how to help your prospects understand why getting a second opinion from you can save them thousands in IRS Penalties, prevent Rapid Taxation, and reduce excessive fees and loads. You’ll also learn How to show your Prospects the real horsepower of IRA Distribution Planning, and so much more! Watch Now!



Don’t Worry, Retire Happy with Tom Hegna and the 7 Steps to Retirement Security Guide

Retirement represents an exciting change in your client’s life, but it can sometimes cause unnecessary stress, especially during uncertain times. With the help of Tom Hegna and The 7 Steps to Retirement Security guide, your client’s retirement planning will be easy and straight forward during uncertain times, and you’ll learn a “new way” to see retirement success! Watch now!



How to Use to Generate New Prospects Every Month!

Marketing Strategist, Ken Varga, teaches Insurance Agents how they can use to market their business and generate new prospects every month! You could be setting appointments with up to 55% of the people you communicate with! Watch now!



 Dennis Stack Web Clas ReplayExpand, Retain, and Enrich Your Client Base with the Ultimate $10 Holiday Gift

Generate an abundance of referrals over the holiday season to make 2017 your biggest year ever! Dennis Stack will share how to give clients the ultimate gift this holiday: the ability to pass down their wisdom along with their wealth, as well as how to beat your competition and build client loyalty with a simple gesture. Watch now!



Turn Client Loyalty into Referrals & Personal Introductions to Create a Perpetual Flow of High-Level Clients

Watch Bill Cates as he discusses 3 Strategies for Exponential Growth. You will receive the blueprint for building a thriving business based on referrals and personal introductions. If you apply only some of these ideas to your business, you will see immediate results. With the help of the blueprint, you’ll be on your way to building a thriving business based on referrals and personal introductions! Watch now!


Harness Proven Digital Marketing to Generate New Leads, Predictably and Consistently!

Are you ready to stop chasing outdated, expensive, low-response marketing tactics, and leave the frustration behind? Brandon Stuerke will bring you up to speed on the evolution of Traffic and Lead Generation, and how to leverage Marketing Automation to follow up with every lead you generate! You’ll be able to leverage your most powerful lead generation weapon… Retargeting! Watch now!


image002Exponentially Grow Your Business & Gain Ideal Clients by Leveraging the New DOL Fiduciary Rule!

Learn how you can not only survive, but THRIVE in the new DOL Fiduciary Standard World! Bill Bachrach will focus on the two most important implications every financial advisor must understand regarding the DOL Fiduciary Standard and teach you how to leverage this opportunity to steal the best clients from advisors who don’t get it, thus acquiring more Ideal Clients! Watch now!


Dyer Web ReplayAttract 150 NEW CLIENTS Every Year by Adding a Fully Compliant CPA-Driven Tax Planning Practice to Your Business Model!

Discover how you can integrate a tax planning practice without the headache and overhead of hiring a CPA! Paul Dyer will teach you how to generate “What-If” tax return comparisons to show your prospects the real tax benefits of tax deferral, Roth conversion, and other tax planning opportunities. Gain instant credibility by combining tax planning into your existing practice! Watch now!

Image result for increase productionIRA Rollover Rules That Will Boost Annuity Production!

Watch as David F. Royer discusses the two IRA Rollover Rules you need to know to boost your annuity production! Learn how the Separate Account Rule can double the income to your IRA clients and their beneficiaries, and show your clients why they should get out of their 401k plans NOW! Watch now!


Image result for media interviewInsider Media Hacks: How to Get on Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Huff Post, BuzzFeed, FOX + More!

Learn how to leverage media to become a go-to advisor with the help of Jeremiah Desmarais! He will give you the 1 ‘insider’ list you need to be on to be interviewed, as well as the formula that over 327 advisors used to get on major media! Watch now!


doityourselfersHow to Get Do-It-Yourselfers to Give You Their Money!

Learn how to get 70% of DIYers to move their money to you! Mike Kaselnak will show you how to determine whether a DIYer will give you their money in the first 5 minutes of your meeting with them. Watch now!

IRA Rollover TechniquesIRA Rollover Techniques That Have Boosted Annuity Production up to 60%!

David F. Royer, IRA Expert, will help you discover the techniques that have helped others write million dollar annuities in less than 90 days! He will teach you two IRA Rollover Techniques that came directly from his online training course, Keys to the IRA Kingdom® Watch now!

7Scientifically7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Write Insurance Sales Emails That Get Replies!

TED Talks speaker, Jeremiah Desmarais, will teach you the EXACT email formulas that have generated over $300M in commissions and over 2M leads in the insurance industry alone. Watch and learn now!

web-class-sturekeGenerate More Leads, Close More Clients, & Strategically Build Your Practice with the Power of Automation & Technology!

Brandon Stuerke will teach you how to use the power of technology to automatically convert every lead you generate! “Pre-Sell” prospects before they ever step foot in your office. Watch now! 


400Discover the One Change You Can Make to Your Website in Less Than One Hour that Will Improve ALL Your Sales and Marketing Results by as Much as 400%!

Learn the critical differences between “good” video that produces results, and “bad” video that produces poor results. Properly use your website domain to improve your public image with video content that resonates with your target market prospects! Watch now!

4actionstepsLearn 4 Actions Steps for Making More Money and Helping You Get Better Results!

Not getting the results you’d like to have but think you deserve? Anne Bachrach can help transform your business and teach you 4 Actions Steps that will help you become more productive, committed, and increase your success! Watch now!

elevatorspeechElevator Speech That Has Netted Many Advisors Over 60 Referrals in One Month!

Mentor and trainer, Mike Kaselnak, will give agents and advisors access to some of the best Elevator Speeches that are working right now! Those who watch will learn the 5-Step process to create your own Elevator Speech and increase your number of referrals! Watch now!

7Provenideas7 Proven Ideas That Help Advisors Achieve Better Results!

Anne Bachrach shares lessons she previously taught Advisors who were making six-figures and are now making seven-figures! You will learn 7 results-producing strategies that will help you to get more clients, be more productive, increase your income, and achieve more of your goals. Watch now!

discoverthesecretsDiscover the Secrets That Will Uniquely Differentiate You from All Competition and Catapult You to the Front of the Line!

Karl Schilling will teach you to differentiate yourself from all competition in the market place and gain a proactive service that everyone wants, but no one else has provided … UNTIL NOW! Watch now and learn valuable differences in the industry today!


AffluentAppointmentsHow to Generate Affluent Appointments with LinkedIn!

Learn how insurance agents and advisors are getting incredible meetings. Jeremiah Desmarais will cover turning LinkedIn into an autopilot lead generation machine, getting affluent decision makers to say yes 93% of the time to meet, and so much more! Watch now!


findouthowFind out how this Advisor got just 2% Better Every Week, Taking His Income from $50k a year to $967k a year!

Determine if everything you’ve ever been told about financial marketing is wrong! Find out exactly what this advisor QUIT doing and the simple changes he made, that you can also make, so you can achieve the same results! You can make any amount of money you desire if you know how to market. Watch now!

howtoconvertHow to Convert IRA/401k Prospects into Clients!

Listen as IRA Expert, David F. Royer, explains how to use IRS Publication 590 as a powerful annuity sales tool. You’ll also find out the Top 10 IRA mistakes made by IRA owners and their beneficiaries. Watch now and learn the IRA sales techniques you will use with your next IRA Prospect!

attractAttract! Convert! And Retain Clients with Legacy Talks!

Life insurance agents, financial advisors, and estate planners will learn how Legacy Talks can deliver high quality clients, convert them into sales, and build a pipeline of referrals! Raise your community profile in a way that differentiates from the pack. Watch now!

complianceProspecting and Marketing Compliance for Life Insurance and Annuity Producers!

You need to see more prospects, BUT make sure your advertising doesn’t get you in trouble. This web class replay will highlight insurance and annuity Advertising & Lead Generation issues that are attracting regulator scrutiny, and will show you ways to protect your practice. Watch now to see if your marketing is compliant and what you can do to ensure it is!