Why Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance is Going … Going …

I don’t expect agents who passionately believe traditional long-term care insurance is the only way to go will like this post. So, I suggest you stop reading here. Save yourself the angst and agony.

Facts are facts however. Not that long ago, Americans purchased 750,000 traditional long-term care insurance policies a year. On top of that, they purchased group coverage through their workplace.   We’ll wait to see the final numbers for 2016, but I’m betting the number of individual LTCi policies drops below 100,000 for the first time. Going … going …

Pointing blame … keeping optimistic about the future in the face of reality … are efforts in futility. I’m only interested looking forward and helping those interested in helping people … and earning an honest income.

That’s why I created the National Advisory Center for Short-Term Care Information (www.shorttermcareinsurance.org) because I believe short-term care insurance is a solution that consumers need to consider. It’s one agents should know more about and we are already helping many be successful.

We are going to take our message directly to consumers.   I am confident it will resonate with the millions of individuals who want to undertake some planning for the real risk of needing long-term care.

Facts matter. The need for long-term care insurance was initially established based on facts. Some were real, some were (and still are) significantly exaggerated. Like politics, people like to believe and often over-value messages of change. As a result, the marketing of traditional long-term care insurance has changed … and many ardently advocate abandoning using facts to communicate with consumers.

Stay tuned. Facts will help more Americans understand the value offered by short-term care products. Understanding is the first step to growing a market.

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