11 Ways Reverse Mortgages Are Helping Financial Advisors Create More Planning Conversations 

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Planning Convos


Join American College Instructor, Author, and Housing Wealth Expert, Don Graves, RICP® as he shares how today’s newly restructured reverse mortgages are:

  • Giving advisors tools that lead to more significant planning conversations with existing clients as well as unprece­dented access to new clients with investable resources.
  • Eliminating the most powerful risks to retirement income and are helping advisors identify new ways their clients can keep their assets working longer without sacrificing lifestyle or enjoyment.
  • Being seamlessly incorporated with retirement income, investments, annuities, and insurances to create enhanced outcomes not otherwise achievable.
  • Helping advisors create opportunity for their clients to purchase suitable and appropriately-placed insurance, annuities, and investments without using loan proceeds.

Today’s financial advisor needs every legitimate tool available in order to meet their clients’ retirement goals as well as to maintain a long-term, viable practice. The reverse mortgage has become one such tool.

Historically, moderate to affluent retirees and their advisors have either dismissed the reverse mortgage as irrelevant (or even dangerous), or they have relegated it to a last resort option. However, much has changed. Recent research conducted by Nobel prize winners, financial thought leaders, academic institutions, and scholarly journals now affirms the role that the strategic use of reverse mortgages can play in comprehensive retirement planning.

A reverse mortgage may not be right for every client, but the newly-restructured reverse mortgage is uniquely designed to address the most common concerns of retirement. For many in the Boomer generation, to survive and thrive in retirement requires new thinking and a clear understanding of all the available options.

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