Introducing the MYGIA (Multi-Year Guaranteed Index Annuity – ZERO IS NO LONGER YOUR HERO…4% IS YOUR NEW FLOOR.

Product Features…

  • Unique & Innovative “Best Interest Crediting” – Get The Best of Both Guaranteed Fixed or Indexed Interest Crediting In one product. Whichever has grown higher at the end of term! No longer does a client have to settle for a ZERO year!
  • No Allocation Between Fixed and Indexed Accounts Required To Give Your Client A Postive Return
  • 4% Fixed Account and S&P 500® link-based Index with up o a 90% Par Rate Gtd. for the Full Term Growing SIMULTANEOUSLY!
  • No Additional Fees!
  • Available in 3, 5 or 7 Year Walk-Away Terms
  • Issued Up To Age 90 For Non-Qualified Funds and Age 85 For Qualified
  • B++ AM Best Rated
  • Death Benefit = Full Accumulation Value + Any Positive MVA
  • 3.50% Commission (Age 0-80 | 5 Yr. Term)
  • Full Commission Paid At Renewal

This product sales kit includes consumer brochure, product highlight sheet and more. 

Bonus: Receive instant access to a guide that answers the question, ?Why Are Par Rates So High.”

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