A Word from Safe Money Resource President

A new year is upon us. It is when we carefully consider our business direction and strategize for the future. As we prepare for the year ahead, I believe all of us in financial services are at a crossroads. Because of this, I am obliged to share with you the journey we’ve had, and the vision we have for the future and, should you become one of our valued partners, how we can help grow your practice exponentially.

As you may recall, the final version of the DOL fiduciary rule was published in April. Since then, it has had my complete, due attention. I have been actively monitoring DOL updates, uncovering what everything means for our advisor-partners, and forming strategic alliances to let our advisor-associates prepare with ease.

As you read this letter, please know that I am completely committed to leading Safe Money Resource and our valued advisors through these uncertain times – and toward strong business confidence, new success, and new opportunity for us all. If you have not had the opportunity, I ask for your consideration in joining our business alliance, because together we can enjoy more opportunities for prosperity and business growth. Let me take a moment to review the past year, cover our future vision, and go over what all of this means for you.

2016 Business Milestones

* Safe Money Resource established a bold, aggressive strategic business growth plan for the years ahead: “The Safe Money Accelerator.” This is our blueprint for future growth and lays out steps toward increasing prosperity for Safe Money Resource and our valued partners alike.

* With this blueprint, we doubled down on what has been our business vision since our founding: to set standards of uncompromising honesty and transparency in our organizational financial consumer education initiatives, and to be a national leader in providing personalized solutions that safeguard and preserve the financial well-being of all Americans.

* Safe Money Resource continues as one of the few marketing organizations to help with client acquisition through a third-party publisher brand: SafeMoney.com. We have greatly expanded the scope of this independent brand and will offer new, dynamic opportunities to leverage for advisor marketing and lead generation in 2017.

* We developed strong, exclusive strategic relationships with industry and trade group organizations to make our valued advisors DOL-ready. These strategic partnerships are with professionals who have a record of abetting other industry-wide changes, which would position you to be at the forefront of compliance solutions. One partner has 35+ years’ experience in the insurance world, is nationally recognized for her industry contributions, and led the charge to defeat 151A – a testament to her efficacy.

* Our relationships are also with industry movers-and-shakers who have been in direct contact with the DOL and offered contributions to the rule’s content. As a licensed advisor with Safe Money Resource, you would be at the forefront of the latest DOL developments and best-in-class industry solutions for them via partnership with Safe Money Resource.

* Our advisors will leverage an easy-to-integrate platform which makes their practices “DOL-proof,” completely readies them to navigate new situations with ease, and helps them to generate new opportunities.

* We continue to offer the flexibility and adaptability of a boutique firm and yet provide the comprehensive resources of a nationwide organization. We expanded our personnel in our Life Insurance Marketing and Communications departments.

* Our advisor-partners can now leverage comprehensive marketing and advertising support starting from day one, no matter their production level. If you affiliate with us, your first piece of business would entitle you to a personalized consultation with one of our marketing professionals. And as you would qualify for more marketing support at no cost, you could grow your practice with any of our marketing services at a fractional cost of what you would pay anywhere else.

* Our team members supported many worthy causes. These include giving clean water to underserved human populations, providing support to families affected by autism, and supporting non-biased financial educational programs for Americans, among others.

2017 Game Plan

As I had mentioned earlier, 2017 is a critical year for the financial services industry. The DOL fiduciary rule elevates the standard of retirement advice given, and advisors must be prepared for this new reality.

* Our game plan for this year is with the expectation that the DOL rule will be upheld and will come into force on the April 10th deadline. But we have the tools, resources, and expertise to help you exponentially grow your practice even if the Trump administration modifies or nixes the rule.

* No matter the outcome in Washington, we have a platform ready to jumpstart and scale your business success. As an affiliated partner, you would have the ability to leverage this leading-edge platform solution no matter what your practice composition looks like. This platform is a solution developed by industry leaders who have been instrumental in navigating other seismic industry shifts and developing solutions at those junctures for advisors’ benefit.

* You would be able to leverage exclusive, tier-one fiduciary training, comprehensive case illustrations for your clients and prospects, low-cost E&O coverage, and other exclusive partnering-advisor benefits to which you would be entitled as an affiliated Safe Money advisor.

* In this new year, we will offer advisors access to strategies to help their clients “jailbreak” or “retire” their 401(k) accounts without tax penalty or loss of company-matching incentives. This available opportunity, of course, falls under the purview of the DOL rule but offers clients the ability to gain more control over their 401(k) retirement savings. This opportunity is exclusively available to our valued Safe Money advisor-partners.

* We will continue to offer DOL and insurance offering updates. And with our strategic partnerships and alliances, you would truly be able to leverage the best of what proven industry innovators have to offer.

* Unlike the big captive brands and independent-in-name-only organizations, Safe Money Resource offers the resources and tools for you to safeguard your independence. If you came on-board with our team, we would provide you with ongoing updates of the latest top-tier product offerings, practice-growth tools, and other helpful resources to accelerate your business prosperity – all around-the-clock.

* As always, Safe Money Resource will also abide by its mission to offer independent, tailored solutions for each client situation. Much like the needs of your practice, no one product fills the void of all individual clients’ needs. We invite you to harness this service philosophy for fast-tracking stronger client relationships.

Get the Tools to Open Doors and Close New Business

On behalf of our team and myself, I want to invite you to join our team of valued advisor-associates. When you affiliate with our organization, you truly are a partner – not just another statistic or another face. Starting day one, you will have the ability to leverage a complete suite of support options: personalized, leading-edge marketing and sales solutions, a brand known for uncompromising ethics and integrity, annuity and life insurance innovations, knowledgeable product and sales specialists, independent financial consumer research, breakthrough business development tools, tier-one client support, and first-tier carriers and product offerings.

Because of strong relationships with our partners, Safe Money Resource has scaled from a fledgling business dream to a growing, national marketing organization over 11 years. Even though we have grown, our commitment to independence and doing the right thing by every client has not changed. Thank you for your consideration, and I invite you to work closely with us and together, we will accelerate the growth of your practice in 2017.

Looking forward to doing great things together,

Brent Meyer

President and Co-Founder, Safe Money Resource

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