In 2023, thousands of Americans over the age of 65 lapsed or surrendered their life insurance policies for no other reason than a complete lack of awareness that another option even existed.

In a recent study conducted by the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA), approximately $4.67 billion of life insurance was sold where the clients received 6.2X more money instead of letting the policy lapse or be surrendered. Meanwhile, other Americans with death benefits totaling $112 billion didn’t have a clue that a life settlement was an option. (How is this possible?)

The reality is…

  • Your clients don’t need you to help them sell their life insurance policy in lieu of lapsing or surrendering that same policy.
  • They don’t need you to educate them about life settlements or even explain how easy and painless a free non-binding appraisal is to determine what the true value of their policy is today.
  • They also don’t need help investing their additional money (up to 6.2X more) after they sell their policy.

Just like your clients don’t consult you when they are selling their home or business, they aren’t going to ask you about a life settlement. If you don’t start informing them of this option… we can assure you someone else certainly will.

It’s time to come inside and learn how to help you and your clients gain additional income in in the remaining months of 2024 and beyond!

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