Life expectancy is a crucial factor in many aspects of life, such as retirement planning, life insurance, and health care.
But it is also a huge component when selling your life insurance policy!

However, estimating how long someone will live is not an easy task, as it depends on various factors, such as medical history, lifestyle, genetics, and environmental conditions.
In this episode, Mark Mrky and Rob Haynie chat with Vincent Granieri, CEO and Managing Member at Predictive Resources, LLC, to explore the potential of life settlements and how estimating your life expectancy plays an important role in the process.

Vince shares the variability in life expectancy predictions among companies and the blend of data-driven and subjective methods used. Additionally, he also explains the concept of a mortality curve and its role in financial planning for retirees.

Vince discusses:

  • His background in actuarial science and experience in the life insurance industry
  • The different perspectives and approaches to life expectancy underwriting
  • The concept of the mortality curve and its significance in life expectancy underwriti
  • The evolution of underwriting methods
  • The impact of familial DNA and genetic diseases
  • How medical advancements have impacted life expectancies
  • The importance of comprehensive medical records in accurately assessing life expectancies and the ideal set of records required
  • And more!

After listening to this podcast, you’ll be better prepared when you’re talking with clients.

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