Access to Private Vault Worth $1 Billion Is Finally Available to Advisors

Eden Prairie, MN – October 29, 2015 – A private online vault filled with tools responsible for over $1 Billion in new money, is finally being opened to more than just a few advisors. ECA Marketing announced that it has reached an exclusive agreement with Mike Kaselnak to offer his 5Q system to ECA’s agents.

The 5Q system has been used by a handful of elite advisors to grow their businesses phenomenally fast. For thirteen of those advisors, it allowed them to reach the coveted $1 million a year income level.

“This is an unbelievable opportunity for ECA Marketing and its agents,” said Joe Spillman, President of ECA Marketing. “I’ve been watching Mr. Kaselnak and his advisors from the sidelines for over a decade now. Landing an agreement giving exclusive access to his coaching, 5Q system and tools for our advisors, is a true coup.”

The partnership between ECA Marketing and Mr. Kaselnak was a long time coming. For over a decade, Mr. Kaselnak held his specialized marketing and selling process close to the vest. He developed the system around the psychological discipline of Motivational Interviewing.

It is a process that helps people with addictions, break those addictions. Mr. Kaselnak found that it was also very effective at helping people better understand the necessity of seeking new and better financial advice.

It was actually his wife, a Mayo Clinic Psychologist that recommended he look at Motivational Interviewing as a tool to help his clients.

Mr. Kaselnak was asked why he was finally going to open his 5Q system up to more than just a few advisors.

“Joe <Spillman>, made an excellent case,” Mr. Kaselnak laughed. “I have known Joe and ECA marketing for 15 years. They’ve always been an ethical organization and Joe convinced me that I could help a lot more people… advisors and the public… by getting the 5Q system into more qualified advisors’ hands. And, I think it’s time.”