Give your clients the ultimate term solution that allows them to pay less premium, while giving them more coverage.

Stacking Term Riders is a cost-effective way to increase your client’s coverage when they need it most..

How it works:

  • Term Riders can be stacked on top of a base term policy for 10, 15 or 20 years providing more coverage in the early years
  • The Term Rider face amount can be higher than the base plan
  • Term Riders automatically drop off at the end of the additional insurance rider coverage period
  • When a Term Rider expires, the premium due and the total coverage will be reduced by the Term Rider amount

This is so important; we’ll say it again… Giving your clients more protection in the early years when they typically need it most can be crucial.

To make this opportunity even better, Banner Life Term is simple to sell on Plum Life’s award-winning platform!

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