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Access Jeremiah’s Email Script that Landed $350k to a Cold Prospect

A few weeks ago I had a chat with a young student of mine about helping him find a new opportunity for his relocation to New York. I asked him to send me his resume to look it over. One of the first things that I loved about it was how he mentioned he ran across America to raise awareness for Teen Homelessness! He’s even been on TV for it for his ‘Forrest Gump’ style endeavor.


Then as I scanned a little deeper into this profile, I read something that floored me:“Generated $350,000 in insurance commissions through social selling.”


I immediately wrote him and said: “Can you explain this more?”

The next day the answer came: “I used the email template you taught us and we landed a new self-funded client worth $350,000 in commissions in less than 90 days”

Like a proud poppa, I had a big silly grin on my face… I just love action takers, especially when they’re in the form of awesome human beings!

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