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Aug 30 recorded web class


showmethemoneyIRA Rollover Rules That Will Boost Annuity Production!

In this Recorded Web Class, David F. Royer discusses the two IRA Rollover Rules you need to know to boost your annuity production!

David will fill you in on some of the basic IRA Rollover rules that he teaches at his training courses all around the United States! During this web class:

  • Learn how the Separate Account Rule can double the income to your IRA clients and their beneficiaries!
  • Show your clients why they should get out of their 401k plans NOW!

The IRA Rollover Market is expected to increase to $515 Billion by the year 2018, which means Americans have close to $24 TRILLION in Retirement Assets. Boomers are Facing Rollover Decisions every day, so by learning these 2 IRA Rollover Rules those decisions could become easier for everyone involved!

Complete the form to watch this Recorded Web Class!