Life insurance is a valuable asset that can provide financial security for your loved ones, but what if you no longer need or want your policy?

Life settlements provide clients the ability to free up money for their retirement, health care, or other needs.

Listen to Mark Mrky and Rob Haynie chat with Alan H. Buerger, Co-Founder and Chairman at Coventry as they explore the benefits of life settlements and how it can help individuals maximize the value of their life insurance policies.

Alan also shares case studies that highlight the real-life impact of these financial decisions while analyzing the latest innovations in the life settlements market.

Together, they discuss:

  • Alan’s background as a life insurance agent and how he got involved in the life settlement business
  • The concept of the secondary market for life insurance
  • The significant financial value provided by life settlements to individuals
  • The evolution of life settlements, including the introduction of the SWAP program and the current trend of combining life settlements with annuities

Life settlements can provide your clients with a much-needed solution, are you making them aware of the opportunity?

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