Cut Your Prospecting in Half by Discovering the Fortune That Lies Hidden in Your Warm Market!

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Warm Market


This is one market that scares agents to death. Most agents avoid it and wonder why they are stuck in the buy lead hamster wheel!

Join Jeremy Nason as he shares his insight and some tools that will help you uncover your fortune that lies hidden in your warm market.

You’ll learn… 

  • Why you shouldn’t avoid your biggest and best market.
  • How to cut your prospecting time in half by optimizing your warm market.
  • How to tap into your warm market the easy way – No begging, NOT Project 100 or 200!
  • How to create vocal client advocates and a strong referral base.
  • The “HELP” script that one agent used to make $25,000 in his 2nd month in the business.

BREAK FREE from the wheel!

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