Don Runge

Don Runge, CLU, is president of DMR Marketing, Inc., a lead consulting/recruiting firm in Plano, Texas. He has accumulated over 40 years’ experience as an agent, sales manager and marketing executive. During his sales and sales management career, Don has successfully built from scratch two multi-million-dollar sales/marketing organizations and facilitated the hiring of over 5,000 agents. To date, Don has trained over 300,000 insurance agents and managers nationwide and has conducted over 4,000 seminars and workshops on leads, leadership and recruiting training. He is internationally recognized as a motivator, educator, performance coach and trainer throughout the insurance industry, and is known by his colleagues as “The Lead Guru”. Don is also the creator of highly acclaimed “THE APPROACH” and “Don Runge Live!” lead prospecting systems as well “The 7 Keys to Effective Recruiting” DVD/video tape series. His newest series, The “Advanced APPROACH, Mastering the Referral Process” is now available on audio CD.

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