In a world filled with uncertainty and the disappearance of pension plans, the potential instability of Social Security and a fluctuating economy has many of your clients and prospects uncertain of their retirement future. We have a solution that addresses these concerns.

Give clients an individual modified single premium fixed indexed annuity (FIA) that offers:

  • 10% Premium Bonus and 4.25% Fixed Rate this FIA is generating a 14.67% First Year Yield!
  • Premium Bonus is Fully Vested Upon Death
  • 7 Year-7% Bonus to age 75 (5% Ages 76-85)
  • 10 Year-10% Bonus to age 75 (7% Ages 76-85)
  • Get more upside with higher Volatility Triggers
  • S&P U.S Dividend Growers VA RC2 7.5%
  • Nasdaq-100 Volatility Control 7%
  • Competitive Annual S&P Cap at 9%
  • 10% Penalty Free Withdrawals

Call (888-867-2650) and start offering this Single Premium FIA that pays 7.5% commission.

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