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KevinHoganPersuasion and Body Language Expert, Kevin Hogan PhD, Reveals How You Are Destroying Your Closing Rate…And Don’t Even Know It (and How To Fix It)!

In this special edition, double episode of Quantum Marketing Radio, hosts Jeffrey Thompson and Louie Hillman sit down with Persuasion and Body Language expert, Kevin Hogan, to discuss influence. During the podcast, Kevin shares many powerful, simple and applicable tips to improve your persuasiveness, including the subliminal body language signals you are unwittingly sending that undermine your sales success… as well as how to fix them!

Kevin is a recent presenter to the Inner Circle at the Million Dollar Roundtable (MDRT) convention, international bestselling author of Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking. He is also the unconscious influence expert and body language expert to The Wall Street Journal, ABC, Fox, The BBC and The New York Times.

During this special podcast you will learn:

  • Where to meet your prospects for the best closing rate.
  • How to use the ideal location for the greatest persuasive impact.
  • How your body language makes or breaks the sale.
  • How to close the sale right… using body language.

Kevin’s tips and strategies are based on proven psychological research, are easy to implement and will yield significant results for you when you put them to use.

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Bonus: By accessing this podcast, you will learn how to get Kevin’s Quantum Marketing Radio listener Bonus: “Coffee with Kevin Hogan” and his two books, Mind Access: Influencing Human Behavior, and 33 Marketing Strategies for Growing Your Home Business!

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