Imagine having a little dialogue where somebody said, “Hey!  How do you do that?  Can you do that for me?”

Would that be better than saying some version of what most advisors say, “I am a wealth manager, and I help clients attain the retirement of their dreams by giving them a great income stream and reducing their taxes.” BORING!

Say that to somebody at a party or gathering and they will instantaneously excuse themselves to get away from you.  Why?  Because you sound like every other financial advisor out there.  The person thinks you just want to sell them something.  Boring does NOT work.

Join Mentor and Trainer Mike Kaselnak the founder of 5Q Group for a 30 minute web class where agents and advisors will Gain access to some of the best Elevator Speeches that are working right now and learn the 5-Step process to create your own.

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