Benefit Options Pro is an exclusive turnkey, marketing system designed to help you work directly with federal employees and their benefit options.

Through our advanced Pre-set Appointment program, you’ll find some of the best high-quality opportunities available across the nation.

This is the ultimate opportunity to:

  • Roll over their TSP and 401(k)’s into an annuity.
  • Add a simplified issue life insurance plan that could be paid directly from their payroll
  • Get up to 20 preset appointments booked on your calendar every month
  • With a 600%-700% ROI, agents are moving on average $200k+ into an annuity per opportunity closed

We also include our federal benefits concierge support service! Our specialist will produce the benefits analysis report for you without having to subscribe to any additional software planning tool.

There are limited territories and those that market for at least 3-months you can qualify for 10 preset appointments at no cost upfront.

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