The Federal Marketplace is the most lucrative niche market a life & annuity producer can enter into.  However, it’s imperative you associate yourself with experts in the field. American Benefits Exchange has 30+ years of experience, exclusive products, government union & association partnerships, and software specific to the Federal Market. 

Federal Market Opportunities: 

  1. Market Specific Training & Sales Tools
  2. Government Association Partnerships
  3. Targeted Opportunities & Leads
  4. Best Referral Source In the industry
  5. Proprietary Products
  6. Top Compensation

Whether you work in the Federal Market or not, there is a huge opportunity for you to provide much-needed education & solutions to government employees while drastically increasing your production. 

Call 888-478-4659 and watch a short video to find out how we currently help ABX representatives earn $150,000 & up per year in the federal marketplace.

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