Hall Of Fame Coach, Bill Cates, Teaches Agents How to Communicate Their Value Proposition at Social Events to Generate Results!

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Value Proposition Web Class Replay


image001-1What do you say when people ask, “What do you do?”
What do you say when friends or family ask, “How’s business?”
How do you get friends or family interested in meeting with you for a business conversation? 

You know what you have to offer is valuable, but sometimes it can be hard to communicate.

By learning compelling value propositions you’ll be able to communicate your value at social events and get maximized results!


You will discover: 

  • How to adjust your value proposition for social settings of all kinds.
  • A super-simple formula to communicate your value in only 2 sentences.
  • Why differentiation is often overrated, and where you want to focus instead.
  • How to talk about your value in an authentic and interesting way that turns mild  interest into results-producing action.
  • 2 proven methods to determine your full value, plus 6 critical elements for a compelling value proposition.

Move people to take action, especially during the holiday season!

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