Handle Objections with These 10 Sample Rebuttals and Sample Closes

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Rebuttals and Closes


In its broadest sense, selling is the process that brings about a desired change in the behavior of prospects using needs-based techniques.

The sales process is rarely a chance occurrence, but rather a well thought-out cycle of orchestrated events.

Have you come across these obstacles?

  • Do you make presentations and your prospects don’t take action?
  • Do prospects tell you they want to “think about it”?
  • Have you given the price of the products and the prospect says they want to compare?
  • Has your prospect told you they need to talk to someone else before they buy?

Join Lloyd Lofton and you will learn:

  1. Four basic objections
  2. Two types of objections
  3. Two forms of objections
  4. 10 sample rebuttals and sample closes

Start aligning yourself with your prospects by finding the solution to their objections!

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