The end of 2023 is near. Take advantage of the holiday production bonus from Safe Money! This is an opportunity for agents only at street-level comp.

For every $100,000 FIA ticket that is written through and issued through our core carriers, you will receive a bonus check of 25 bps for that $100,000 ticket!

For fixed index annuity business on clients up to age 75 only, and it must be submitted by December 31, 2023 and issued by February 28, 2024 in order to qualify. Business through core carriers only will qualify.

For the first 25 agents that qualify, you’ll get a copy of our bestselling “Top Economists and Finance Experts on Annuities” presentation, chock-full of quotes and tidbits on annuities for lifetime income, protected growth, and more from the nation’s leading experts.

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