How Reverse Mortgages Can Position Advisors to Make More Money

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Restructured Mortgage


Professor Don Graves, RICP® will teach you how to legally, ethically, and compliantly make more money by utilizing reverse mortgages!

Discover how today’s restructured reverse mortgage can: 

  • Increase client’s cash flow,
  • Preserve assets from premature erosion,
  • Reduce the most common risks to retirement income,
  • Ensure liquidity for spending shocks, and
  • Add significant new dollars back into retirement savings.

Don will also discuss…

  • How knowledge of the reverse mortgage can help protect advisors from claims of financial malpractice
  • Position advisors to create more annuity, life and long term care sales (without ever using the proceeds of the HECM to do so)
  • Three things advisors can never say or do with regards to reverse mortgages
  • How having an equity releases resource is no different than having a CPA, elder law or estate planning attorney as a resource

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