How to Get a 433% Lift in Cold Prospecting Emails to the Affluent and C Suite

If you send out 100 cold prospecting emails, statistics show you’ll get back less about three that are either positive, negative or neutral.

That’s THREE percent!

So what happened to the other 97%?

Your message didn’t hit them.

So here’s another approach that has been proven to get incredible response.


Subject Line: checking in  

My name is Jeremiah and I’m with ABC Advisors, a Private Wealth Manager. We’ve worked with C Suite, Entrepreneurs and self-made men and women who run some of the most successful companies in Chicago. 

We take a different approach to protecting and growing your wealth and aren’t like other firms.

We move quickly and if we don’t think we can kick butt for you, we’ll be upfront about it.

Are you free for a chat this week or next about protecting your wealth? If so, please pick a timeslot here: LINK TO BOOK A MEETING (I use Time Trade)


Here’s why this works:

It gets to the point. Affluent people don’t have time for elaborate emails. Get. To. The. Point.

  • Short and to the point – CEOs don’t have time to read longwinded e-mails.Get to the point and MAYBE they’ll respond. Write them a short novel and expect silence.
  • The follow up was automatic – much less room for error as pointed out above.
  • They provided context – you would expect this to be natural but that wasn’t the case with previous e-mails used by my team.
  • The directions were clear – They could either click a link to book an appointment or unsubscribe and never hear from us again. Or they could just ignore us
  • There was an interesting hook relevant to their interests – there are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there so I had to figure out how to differentiate myself from the others. What experience/offering did I have that others lacked? I pointed that out.

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About Jeremiah Desmarais (De-ma-ray)
Labeled “one of the greatest marketing minds in the insurance industry” by insurance executives, Desmarais teaches insurance and financial advisors to generate more leads and commissions using digital marketing strategies in less than 37 days. A TED speaker to a standing ovation and ranked among the Top 40 Direct Marketers Under 40, he’s been cited on Worth, CNN, Fox and has helped over 100,000 agents generate two million leads. He’s keynoted national events and high level mastermind retreats, as well as authored several important white papers. Download his free digital marketing jump start course for advisors at