How to Make More and Better Networking Connections

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Networking Phases


It’s hard to measure, isn’t it? Attending all those events and nothing to show for it except a bunch of business cards.

Now what? How many times have you attended a networking event, chamber mixer, holiday party, association meeting, conference, convention, trade show, product show, or whatever, and felt you were spinning your wheels? Wasting your time? No prospects, no clients, no business.

There has to be something missing, and there is – your process! Do you even have a process?


Join Michael Goldberg in this web class replay to learn the 4 phases to networking.

Are you following through on ALL four?

  • Preparation – What type of “homework” are you doing prior to attending an event?
  • Presentation – What are you saying to those you meet at events?
  • Follow Up – What are you doing to reconnect with those you met at an event?
  • Maintenance – What strategies are you implementing to stay in touch and develop a relationship?

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