Agency owners and Agents who have a proven system, listen up! We have everything you need to grow your downline, including the hands-on support that has helped other agencies reach big wins.

Are you fed up with being paid some of your IMO’s override and receiving minimal support? Tired of the lip service? Would you prefer a partner that offers more competitive comp levels with production and resources to take you to the next level? At Safe Money, we help agencies with a proven system grow and even attract interested recruits on our dime.

Learn how your agency can benefit from support like:

  • Complement and grow in markets you’re already strong in.
  • Break into new markets that build on your existing success.
  • Streamline recruiting processes that save money and hundreds of man-hours.
  • Build effective, high-producing teams.

Who is the right fit for this opportunity?

  • Agents who have a proven marketing system, are consistently getting in front of prospects, and want to build a downline footprint.
  • Agencies that are tired of the “pay-you, now-go-away” support from their IMO.
  • Agencies that have an annuity/life agent downline & that are interested in recruiting quality, not quantity.
  • Agencies that have some annuity/life insurance agents and are looking for an annuity IMO with big relationships, small-business feel, and a track record of helping other agencies succeed.

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