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Savant Interview Clifford Blodgett


10 Reasons Agents Should Be Advertising on Facebook

insider video

Are You Reaching the Web’s Largest Audience on Facebook?

Facebook has grown to become the largest social network, making it a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. The social media giant presents a range of advertising opportunities for businesses to engage audiences, raise awareness and drive traffic to your website.

During this interview, Steve Savant and Clifford Blodgett will discuss the 10 reasons why agents should be advertising on Facebook! Clifford Blodgett is a director of Digital Marketing and Demand Generation. He studied the unique needs of producers served and enhanced companies’ digital marketing offerings to help overcome producers’ marketing challenges, respond to ever-changing digital marketing trends, and stay connected with potential new customers online. Steve Savant is a nationally syndicated financial columnist and talk show host of Right on the Money and weekend anchor for On the Money News, with both broadcasts distributed to 280 media outlets, social media networks and industry web sites. Steve also is a contributing author to Advisys AdvanceInsmark and Life Specs.

Clifford and Steve will explain how you can drive inexpensive website traffic to your Facebook page, website, etc., using targeted demographics. With 300 million small businesses using Facebook to advertise their message, you can too! You could:

  • Advertise on a budget.
  • Build awareness.
  • Leverage demographics to help build impressions outside of your immediate audience.

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