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Savant Hegna Interview Curtis Cloke


The Sequence of Returns is One of the Best Sales Strategies to Sell Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuities to Build Out Your Business and Expand Your Practice

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Curtis Cloke is a popular platform speaker, retirement software developer and adjunct professor of the American College. Curtis has been recognized as one of the top financial planners in America. Steve Savant is a nationally syndicated financial columnist and talk show host of Right on the Money, and weekend anchor for On the Money News. Both broadcasts are distributed to 280 media outlets, social media networks and industry web sites. Steve also is a contributing author to Advisys AdvanceInsmark and Life Specs.

The reality of retirement can seem like an apocalypse because retirees are exposed to outliving their retirement money. They may not survive the stealth impact of the sequence of returns until its too late. Only guaranteed lifetime annuity income with a COLA rider can remove the risk of the sequence of returns and help during this retirement apocalypse.

Steve and Curtis will bring you up to speed on this coming crisis in retirement. They’ll discuss:

  • Longevity Risk – The #1 Retirement Risk & Risk Multiplier of Every Other Risk in Retirement!
  • Safe Withdrawal Rate Risk – 4 is No More!
  • Volatile Markets Risk – Boomers Can’t Take Another Hit!
  • Making Up for Losses – Market Losses Are Hard to Overcome!

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