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Exclusive InsuranceWebX Insider Interview Informs Agents and Advisors about how Home Equity Conversion Mortgage can help Build Out Your Business and Expand Your Practice!

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Don Graves, an adjunct professor at the American College, is a popular platform speaker and one of the leading authorities on Home Equity Conversion Mortgage strategies for seniors age 62 or older. Steve Savant is a nationally syndicated financial columnist, talk show host of Right on the Money, and weekend anchor for On the Money News.

During this interview, Steve and Don will bring you up-to-date about one of the most significant and impactful retirement strategies, where you will learn about: 

  • Reverse Mortgage- Tax-free income that doesn’t trigger Social Security taxation
  • Home Purchase- #1 Retirement Strategic Goal: No Mortgage Payment 
  • Appreciating Equity Line of Credit- Creating a retirement cash reserve 
  • Combining HECM Strategies- Integrating home purchase & lines of credit

After the market meltdown and housing crash, baby boomers have been looking to restore their retirement dreams. The HECM strategies could be one of the greatest solutions in restoring a happy retirement!

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CAUTION: HECM strategies are designed to produce income, create a cash reserve and mitigate housing costs. HECM strategies are not to be used to purchase insurance and/or investment products.

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