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Jill Addison

February 15, 2019

3 Keys Most Advisors Don’t Know about Online Marketing

Join Jill Addison and learn 3 simple and incredibly effective keys to make your online marketing actually produce results.

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Grant Hicks

February 21, 2019

Obtain More Prospects and Have Them Share all of Their Important Documents

Join Grant Hicks and learn how to implement the processes of elite financial advisors by offering your “beneficiary audit and fee audit service!”

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Bill Cates
Bill Cates

February 22, 2019

5 Clarity Strategies That Help Turn Prospects into Sales

Join Hall of Fame Coach, Bill Cates, and discover 5 clarity strategies that help turn prospects into sales!

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Dr. Jack Singer

February 25, 2019

Dr. Jack Singer Shares How to Combat Negative Thinking and Build Confidence That Lead to Sales

Dr. Jack Singer provides you with a game plan to release yourself from the shackles of self-limiting habits that have eroded your self-confidence!

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Sandy Schussel

February 27, 2019

Increase Sales with 11 Tips to Improve Your Business by Improving Your FOCUS

Join Sandy Schussel and discover how managing your time more effectively and staying focused you will see a dramatic increase in sales!

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Barbara Rozgonyi

March 11, 2019

Superstar PR: How to Attract Legit Leads Right Now

Join Barbara Rozgonyi and learn how to leverage PR to quickly attract attention and generate legit leads!

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Anne Bachrach
Anne Bachrach

April 25, 2019

Success or Mediocrity – Your Choice

Join Anne Bachrach as she discusses 5 top success principles that help to create a successful business and 4 sabotaging habits that prevent you from boosting revenue!

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