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ken_varga_200With the current economic climate of bank failures, increasing layoffs, and looming depression, you will lose serious business unless you adjust what you do to capture new business and keep your existing clients.

With the help of best-selling author, Ken Varga’s eBook, 7 Ways to Grow Your Insurance Business During This Recession, you will gain effective ideas that you can implement to protect your money base and grow your income to new heights; faster and easier than you may have thought!

This instantly downloadable eBook gives those who read it 7 ways to grow their business, which include:

  • Achieving the real purpose of your business.
  • Building customer loyalty.
  • Getting your clients to do more business with you.
  • Separating yourself from the competition.
  • 13 ways to make your clients feel good.
  • Identifying the A, B, & C clients of your practice.
  • Knowing the best times to contact your clients and prospects.

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