Leawood Company Launches Groundbreaking Platform Integrating Investments and Fixed Indexed Annuities

LEAWOOD, Kan. (Dec. 16 , 2015) – Today ChangePath, a Leawood-based company, launched the first-to-market turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) integrating investments and fixed indexed annuities to large Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms.

The TAMP technology integrates fixed indexed annuities with world-class unified managed household (UMH) accounts. This integration takes into account the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and changing the way portfolios are developed in the accumulation, transition and distribution phases of a client’s investment cycle.

ChangePath’s introduction to the RIA marketplace enhances an advisor’s ability to provide a holistic approach to traditional and non-traditional assets, and allows them to focus purely on meeting client needs and providing superior solutions.

“The release of this new technology is groundbreaking. Initially, we developed a platform where advisors’ investments could communicate in one system, but it grew into something more impactful. ChangePath incorporates more than two dozen of the best institutional managers in the world and allows advisors to seamlessly and diligently manage their investments. The ease of blending the investments and annuities into a cohesive mix of statistical data isn’t common, so ChangePath can now provide advisors with a powerful prospecting tool,” said Rob Hagg, principal of ChangePath.

ChangePath’s lineup of leading talent has created a sophisticated, philosophy-minded approach to investments that seamlessly integrates FIAs into the client portfolio. By coupling a custodian-agnostic environment, cutting-edge technology and comprehensive back-office support into a systematized platform, the TAMP is truly revolutionary.

“With ChangePath, an RIA can rethink its firm’s practices and help shift the mindset from primarily expense-driven activities to efforts that capture additional assets under management and garner a larger proportion of a client’s wallet-share,” said Cory Lagerstrom, principal at ChangePath.

About ChangePath

ChangePath is a next-generation turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) that fully integrates investments, fixed income and annuities for registered investment advisors and independent advisory representatives. As the industry’s first annuity and investment advisory platform, we leverage the highest level of sophistication in the selection of institutional managers coupled with a world-class unified managed household account offering. ChangePath embraces processes and activities to help advisors consolidate and improve the user interface and internal systems, as well as free capital, so advisors can focus on growth. For more information, visit www.changepath.net.