Join Smart Advisor Network on March 26th at 3:00 ET and discover the next generation in Fixed Indexed Annuities.

This is the next generation of retirement annuities. A product fiduciary would approve of.

This 4-Year FIA Powered by Nasdaq 100 & Fortune 500 Index includes:

  • 10% Day 1 liquidity
  • 20% in year 2+
  • Booster Feature (at 3%) resulted in a 18.61% return in 2021 and 26.97% in 2023 for the US Tech Index (Nasdaq 100)
  • Booster Feature (at 3%) resulted in a 18.84% return in 2021 and 16.50% in 2023 for the Fortune 500 Index
  • Get your clients meaningful gains with measured (or no) losses.

Agents, Agencies and IMOs are all welcome on this webinar.

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