Term Life Conversion Settlements Sales Strategy… Rescue policies before they are abandoned.

90% of term life policies will be abandoned before they ever pay out a death benefit. Policy owners don’t realize that term life policies have secondary market value they could access through a life settlement instead of throwing away their policy after years of premium payments. Life Settlements are the legal right of every policy owner and billions of dollars of Term Life Conversion Settlements are being done every year!

Join Chris Orestis President of Retirement Genius on October 18th at 2:00 ET and learn how this specialty Life Settlement can generate as many as 3 revenue streams from a single transaction and put money into the pocket of a policy owner who thought their policy was worthless.

This Term Life Conversion Settlements webinar will cover:

  • Market statistics
  • Who qualifies.
  • Marketing strategies and how to find qualified prospects.
  • Simplified case submission and the Conversion-to-Settlement process.
  • Compensation: Review of multiple compensation streams.
  • Policy lapse prevention and Book of Business review.
  • Case Studies.

Find out how you can add Term Life Conversion Settlements to an agent’s toolbox.

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