Marketing Annuities with your Medicare Clients

Annuity sales are still breaking record after record in sales as new retirees in America are becoming 65 years old at over 10,000 PER DAY across the fruited plains. Here’s an opportunity that most advisors may be missing in both sides of the Medicare coin.

If your are not selling Medicare Supplements, consider this,

Think about becoming a Medicare Supplement expert, not a MAPD expert and here’s why.

A Medicare Supplement or “gap” health insurance may not require any other testing, fees or state requirements for you to sell a policy to your clients besides your own life license. Easy.

A MAPD or “Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug” plan may in your state (mine’s in California) require testing for each carrier, a national test each year and multiple fees along with heavy regulations for strict compliance. Plus, you must have in most states a 24-48 hour “permission slip” to visit the prospects and you can only discuss what’s marked off the form thus eliminating any conversation about finances and retirement goals.

Why a Medicare Supplement client?

A typical client for a Medicare Supplement is affluent, a business owner with independent thinking and has a large social network.

A MAPD client usually is the opposite in most categories.

A Medicare Supplement client is your Annuity client and vice versa.

Marketing your services or having conversations about Medicare is easier and more accepted than marketing about annuities. Is all about building an audience and fishing in your own pond! Everybody needs more than what original Medicare can offer and folks are willing to talk about it when 65 is coming around.

As a Medicare “guru” for the past 25 years, I have helped dozens of brokers learn the business in helping a new Medicare recipient obtain health care beyond the original Medicare. In a typical interview explaining how a Medicare Supplement works, does involve talking about assets, savings, income, expenses, retirement and estate plans.

How does this tie into Annuity sales you’re asking? I teach advisors to simply direct the conversation about their client’s health, family health history and long term care. We also talk about care giving and if they have had or know of anybody that has had that burdensome experience. Because as we know, Medicare does not cover any home care giving or other long term care benefits.

By simply taking a few minutes describing some features about how an annuity (hopefully yours) with certain riders can do double duty on their savings.

Example: Not only would they never lose any principal EVER on their savings, but have a guaranteed income for life plus critically ill income benefits, etc.

Here at TWH we can teach you in constructing a conversation about how to easily go from Medicare to Annuities that will lead you to the next appointment. TWH has been helping hundreds of advisors like you expand their own campaigns with innovative marketing plans in selling annuities since 1993. Give me call and see if we can make a difference!