New Appointment Setting Program: What Women Need to Know About Social Security

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Appointment Program


Controlling the majority of personal wealth in the United States, today Baby-Boomer women (ages 44-65) represent the largest and wealthiest demographic group. It is estimated that their current cumulative assets are $14 trillion and are expected to increase to $22 trillion by 2020.

Our “What Women Need to Know About Social Security” Complete Turn-Key Program is designed to enlighten women on how they can maximize Social Security by taking advantage of spousal benefits, survivor benefits, divorced-spouse benefits, and in some instances, even divorced-spouse survivor benefits.

This program can be packaged as a workshop/seminar or appointment program.

  • Powerful Social Security Maximization presentation with script
  • Proven Effective Workshop Invitations
  • Social Security Evaluation Sheet and Analysis Worksheet
  • Consumer Brochure Handout
  • Social Security Analysis Software
  • Online Training

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