New Book Published by ForbesBooks Shares the Secrets of Financial Planning for Retirement

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“SMART Retirement” is a new book written by leading Tax Arbitrage Expert, Matt Zagula. This book offers advisors, planners, wealth managers, life agents and other professionals a unique process to reposition and establish themselves as the go-to resource for tax diversification and actuarial arbitrage.

SMART has been featured in more than 130 publications with over 85 million viewers! 

Here are the secrets you will discover with this book…(Add book image attached)

  • How to use tax arbitrage to dramatically increase your clients’ retirement income without risk.
  • Ways to reduce the amount of money your clients give to the IRS during retirement.
  • How Warren Buffett continues to grow his wealth through an actuarial concept called float and how you can integrate a similar approach in your clients’ personal finances.
  • The three dates that forever enhanced the face and future of the American retirement system and how to use this knowledge to protect your clients money.
  • Why rate of return is Wall Street’s half-truth and how they use misleading math to sell people.
  • The banker’s best math trick and how to stop it from costing your clients’ a comfortable retirement.

Learn how to get the book “SMART Retirement” and radically enhance your authority in your market.