New Marketing Strategies That will Earn the Business of a $20 Trillion Under-Served Market

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Marketing Strategies


Join Dr. Barbara Provost, EdD – Founder of Purse Strings, LLC  and learn how to get ahead of your competition and serve the most powerful market.

Look what Uber did to taxi cabs, the Internet did to travel agencies, and ABNB to hotel industry.

Are you using marketing strategies of the past or the future?

This is how it usually looks: Buying expensive prospect lists that don’t provide actionable leads; or telemarketing to phone numbers that are outdated, on the Do Not Call list or, sent to a voice mailbox with no hope of a call back.

It’s not your fault, you are using the traditional methods provided to you by the industry, but you’re about to learn what Barbara has taught countless financial professionals and corporate clients about earning the business of a $20 Trillion under-served market…

Women are not a niche market—they *are* your market.

If you’ve been neglecting women by using outdated marketing strategies, or unconsciously targeting men and assuming women have the same goals and motivations as men, then join me at this webinar to put you on the right track.

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